About Us


Hello, hello!  We are two med-surg turned ICU nurses between the ages of 25-35, female, and living somewhere within the United States. The idea for our Instagram account was discovered on a car ride to work. As we both dreaded the start of our shift, we mused about what we wished we were doing instead. Drinking. Sleeping. Eating Cheetos. Running a marathon. Eating worms. Having diarrhea. Whatever.  Thus, iwouldratherbe_ was born on September 30, 2014.  Eventually, after polling our followers, we transitioned to @snarkynurses in mid 2015.

Our main goal is to supply people with plenty of laughter.  Please remember this is all in good fun and we have no desire to offend.  If we’ve torqued your tail feathers, feel free to send us an email.

Our secondary goal is to generate a forum in which medical professionals can unite together to express thoughts, learn and laugh.

Thanks for checking us out!