Appreciate Your Coworkers with SNAP!


SnarkyNurses Appreciation Project (SNAP)

What is it?  An online way to acknowledge the EXCELLENT people we work with on a daily basis.

Why?  You work hard right?  Do you always feel like your efforts are recognized?  If you’re like me and most of my colleagues, you could probably stand to be appreciated a little bit more.  We’ve attached some of our favorite videos we’ve seen over the last few years which exemplify the heart of medicine – all of us employees, the people who show up to work every single day and work their butts off for the patients.  We are the heart of medicine, and sometimes a little acknowledgement and positivity goes a long way.  🙂

How?  We ALL have coworkers we would love to acknowledge.  Whether it was Bertha who came over and helped you clean up a poo waterfall, or a social worker who went above and beyond to coordinate post hospital care for a patient, or a lab technician who added on the 70th lab to that blood you drew 8 hours ago, or a clinic RN who always volunteers to do cerumen removal.  Our site is generally nursing/CNA driven, because that’s what we know best, however that doesn’t mean we don’t mentally appreciate people of all specialties… so, here’s our chance to publicly recognize people of ALL specialties for being awesome!

Where?  Click here to fill out our brief submission form.  It is also located at the top of our website – SNAP.

So then what? All submissions will be compiled.  Monthly, in the form of a blog post, we will list all the submissions we’ve received.  After three months, all submissions will be read and reviewed. A group of us will select the Top Ten of Excellence and we will open up voting to our followers on who you think should receive our SNAP Award of the Quarter. 🙂 You might be asking “what is the award,” right? Maybe? 😉 We’re teaming up with Afton Socks & IguanaMed to reward the Employee of the Quarter. Who doesn’t need socks, scrubs, and some of the awesome goods we have in our little shop. 🙂

We look forward to reading all SNAP submissions! 🙂

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