Introducing #WellnessWednesday!

Hi Everyone!  When we launched a survey to our followers last March, an overwhelming number of you indicated you’d like to know more about managing health and fitness when you’re on a busy schedule.  We’ve been following @TheFitPharmacist since we started our account and have watched his continued success.  We’ve teamed up with he and his fiancee Christina to bring you a series of blog posts called #WellnessWednesday! 🙂 If you have specific questions or topics you’d like covered, don’t hesitate to mention them. Below is a quick introduction to Adam & Christina. 🙂

The Diet Doc Pittsburgh North: Your Rx4Success!
Dr. Adam Martin, PharmD, ACSM-CPT &
Dr. Christina Tarantola, PharmD, CHC

Owners of The Diet Doc Pittsburgh North


Hello Snarkynurses fans! We are humbled and honored to be contributors for the snarkynurses blog!

Who are yinz guys? :)

Adam Martin + Christina Tarantola: pharmacists, nutrition consultants, and owners of The Diet Doc Pittsburgh North by trade. By passion, we have worked in the world of healthcare in several different facets and backgrounds- hospital, retail, academia, etc- and noticed that the stressful environments we all work in can really wreak havoc on our own health. Ironically, our main focus while this happens is to serve our patients to keep THEM healthy!

Our life mission is to repair this disconnect- not through products like pricey shakes or “magical skinny wraps”- but through proven techniques backed by science, paired with our support and experience. We are here to provide YOU with practical tips customized to help busy nurses regarding:

  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Simple nutrition tips
  • Body positivity
  • A self-empowerment mindset
  • Mind body connection
  • Resources to help you along your wellness journey!

Working from science-based research, and being in business for over 25 years with a RD, MD, PharmD, PhD in psychology, and exercise physiologist on staff, The Diet Doc collectively comes together to bring you the best science and support to turn your wellness wishes into reality! It’s what we love to do, and it is what we are here to do for you amazing nurses! It’s what we love to do, and it is what we are here to do for you amazing nurses!

On any given day you can find us at the pharmacy advising our patients to select the proper OTC item, counseling them on proper medication use, assisting them in medication therapy management, and immunizing to protect them against harmful pathogens. Our biggest passion is helping our clients and patients to live their healthiest, happiest life- and we would love to share this with our favorite colleagues! (Yinz Snarky Nurses!)

Within the same day, we could be meeting with our Diet Doc clients empowering them to feel confident, energized and have the mindset of success to achieve their weight loss goals. Our aspirations are to reach people all over the world with our informative, fun social media accounts (@nutriglorx + @thefitpharmacist) through our biweekly newsletter, group meetings and one-on-one coaching.

Aside from work, we love cooking and going out to try different cuisine (major foodies here!), getting in efficient workouts at the gym to strengthen our bodies, and growing our minds through listening to inspirational podcasts, audiobooks and blogs. We also love traveling to explore the culture of different cities and countries. Our most recent travel experience was a Medical Mission trip to Honduras, which focused on assisting the medical team by dispensing medications and counseling patients in 3 villages. And yes, we even got to work with some amazing nurses!!

What can you expect from us?

Over the next few months we will be bringing you a variety of topics (see the schedule below). Feel free to email us with topic requests, questions and feedback! Join our community on social media and let us help you get to your goals!

10/12 ~ Introduction, #WellnessWednesday
10/19 ~ What Are Macros
10/26 ~ How To Eat Healthy On A Budget
11/2 ~ The Top-Rated Fitness Apps for Healthcare Professionals
11/16 ~ What Is Mindfulness & How Can I Use It?
11/30 ~ Which One Exercise Is “The Best”?
12/14 ~ Going Against the Grain: Easy Gluten-Free Snacking
12/28 ~ I’m a Traveling Nurse- How Can I Eat Healthy On The Go?
11/1 ~ 98% of Diets Fail- Why Is That & How Can I Avoid It?
1/25 ~ What Are the Best Nurse-Friendly Snacks for Work?
2/8 ~ What’s the Best Way to Plan Out Meals for Work?


How you can reach us:
Instagram: @nutriglorx (Christina) + @thefitpharmacist (Adam)
Email: (Christina) + (Adam)


*Stay tuned for next week’s article on #WellnessWednesday by @thefitpharmacist where we explain what all the buzz is about in nutrition nowadays: What Are ‘Macros’?

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