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Want promotions on products?  Here is where you will see those listed.  🙂  We will ONLY provide you with promotions to products we personally use and love.  Contact us if you know of a product you think we should try!

The Diet Doc Pittsburgh NorthThe Diet Doc is the answer to failed cookie-cutter, template-driven dieting programs. In an industry plagued by a 98% failure rate, The Diet Doc synergizes the science and support necessary for enduring client success.We make reaching your health and fitness goals both fun AND effective, working with you one on one! No ScamShakes, SkinnyWraps or diet pills here- The Diet Doc literally “doctors” the diet problem. With so much information out there on health, nutrition and wellness, we take the guesswork out of the science and bring the best information to you in a simple, easy to understand way to apply the principles to your lifestyle- not turn your lifestyle upside down!


Christina’s program was a HUGE gift to me! I am writing like crazy this morning about what we talked about and what it’s triggering for me. I had been so stuck and frustrated for a very long time and now I feel so hopeful. She is so insightful and loving and has a gift for helping people feel safe and heard. That plus her rock star intuition make her such a gift and so effective for her clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” –PT

“My top three goals upon starting Christina’s program were

1.) Weight loss
2.) Acceptance of self
3.) Improved organization

Christina was able to help me work toward these goals by 

1.) providing focus – allowing me to remain focused on goals
2.) serving as an accountability partner
3.) allowing me to truly take the time to “value self”

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been accepting myself and being happy with my current status (physical appearance). I am working every day to be kind to myself…. 

I would describe Christina as dedicated to her craft, insightful, business savvy, supportive of others, creative, and a great listener who encourages her clients to self-evaluate and redirect energies in a more positive direction.

I would recommend Christina to anyone needed a morale boost!!!!” –Karen

All of our clients will get:

  • An assessment of current nutrition and lifestyle
  • Customized macro nutrient breakdown
  • Constant analysis of nutrition and modification to programming as needed
  • Workout and cardio recommendations and free resources for examples
  • Instructional videos and tutorials to aid your programming
  • Access to The Diet Doc’s 150 day online education portal
  • Free digital download of “50 Days To Your Best Life”, a book by Dr. Joe and Dr. Kori, which also includes sections full of workouts and recipes
  • Free body composition analysis for local clients on our medical grade InBody devices
  • Invitations to group outings and life events
  • Real world application training
  • Unmatched peer support, both online and through our local events
  • Access to all of our Diet Doc Pittsburgh North and global coaches via secret Facebook forums
  • Easy monthly payments

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BioCloak Phone Cases!  We all know our phones carry germs, BioCloak is leading the initiative to address this issue. Stanford University found smartphones have 18x more bacteria than the toilets in public restrooms. A second analysis found 1/6 have fecal matter on them (i.e microscopic poop). We challenge you to think about all the places your smartphone has been, where is has been set down, what grimy fingers have scrolled the screen, and how many times you’ve pooped while checking social media or playing games. The reality is THEY ARE GROSS! While exposure to some bacteria is good, the amount and type of bacteria on your phone can cause you and your family to get sick.BioCloak Solutions is the only company that provides an antibacterial case and screen protector combination for full coverage cover to cover. The German engineered case uses a strong aerospace aluminum frame for drop protection. A permanent coating on the surface contains safe, organic, medical grade antibacterial silver nanoparticles to fight bacteria. Our crystal clear, drop/scratch protective screen protectors are also 99.9%* effective against common bacteria like E. Coli,”staph” and MRSA.Try out their phone cases – we love them!  Use code snarkynurses for 10% off your purchase + a free gift.


IguanaMed Scrubs! 


Why we love IguanaMed & think you should try them: 

“They fit my small bottom better than any other scrubs,” – says Snark2

“They fit my curvy hips,” – says Snark1

Durable, thick but breathable scrubs.  Honestly, both of us have IguanaMed scrubs from 6-8 years ago. Our other scrubs never last that long.

Soft, non-irritating fabric.  Let’s face it, none of us like to feel constricted or irritated about anything we are wearing… These scrubs meet and exceed that standard.

  • They withstand multiple machine washes without losing color (I got a stain on my favorite azure blue scrub top, so bought a new one, check out the photo below to see how close the colors are!)
  • Slight flare pant ensures scrub pants don’t bunch at your ankle like genie pants.  🙂
  • Awesome colors to choose from… The azure blue, teal, and navy are our favorites! (There are even more colors available than the stack shown at the top of the page!).  You can mix and match colors as well, see below for some scrub color combo inspiration.  🙂
  • Cute Iguana. 🙂  That lil guy makes us smile, so give them a try!

IguanaMed is offering a 7 day special promotion for snarkynurses followers.  Enter promo code snarkynurses (all lower case) at IguanaMed.com for 15% off your order!

Afton Compression Socks! 


Things We Liked:

  • The #1 thing I love: They are LIGHT WEIGHT! With my other compression socks I would be on fire at work, let’s face it – we are moving a lot, the last thing we need is to have our compression socks making us even warmer.  These were the perfect warmth!
  • They are breathable.
  • Easy application (they even give you directions on how to put them on properly – click here)
  • There is less itch/irritation over time.  Normally I feel the urge to yank them off mid-shift, but these went basically unnoticed.
  • They’re soft and comfortable.
  • The fun colors!  Not only do they look nice with my scrubs, but with jeans on my days off.
  • They don’t squeeze the heck out of me.  Some of the previous compression socks I’ve had have literally felt like I’m being stuffed into sausage casing.  These are the perfect compression to give me some pep in my step.
  • They are made ethically.  The owners visited factories around the world, evaluating the conditions in which the factory employees worked and the company’s values, and ultimately decided on an Italian manufacturer.
  • My legs are happier at the end of my twelve hour shifts.  Especially after four in a row.

David with Afton Socks is offering a special promotion for snarkynurses followers.  Enter promo code snarkynurses at aftonsocks.com for 15% off your order plus free shipping on orders over $39!

Sun Basket Meal Service:  Check out our full blog review of Sun Basket here.

You may be wondering how medical professionals work long hours, have multiple social or family commitments, and still have the time to cook delicious meals.  We’ve been asking ourselves this question since we started our careers.  Well we found the solution: Sun Basket!

We’ve used Sun Basket for the past few months and absolutely love it. Sun Basket is a meal delivery service that saves time and alleviates the stress of planning dinner for you and your family. Sun Basket delivers food directly to your doorstep in perfectly packaged proportions. The food box includes all ingredients with the exception of a few pantry staples such as salt, pepper, and olive oil.  And to top it off, the box and packing materials are 100% recyclable.

When the first box arrived we were a little skeptical, we didn’t have the ‘culinary expertise’ to make the gorgeous meals we saw in the pictures but the instruction guides made the process easy and manageable. We will admit our meals do not look quite as scrumptious as the ones pictured on the instruction guides but they still taste awesome!

Want to give Sun Basket a try? Click the image below to get 3 free meals   – We think you’ll enjoy it as much as we do! 

(Note: By clicking the image below and selecting ‘redeem offer’ on the Sun Basket page you will receive 3 free meals when you sign up for one full week of Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service. You will also receive free shipping on your first week’s delivery.)

YNAB – Below is my testimonial about this amazing, life changing product! You get 34 days free by clicking here.

  1. You Need a Budget. YNAB. (Pronounced WHY-NAB!)
  2. No, seriously. You do. We all do.
  3. You know how I know this? Because nearly 90% of people who filled out our 100k Giveaway Survey said they wanted information about budgeting.
  4. If I could go back and talk to my new graduate self (or even my nursing student self) I would have put myself on a budget… I would have found some program to help me keep my stuff in line. Instead, I managed to squander my meager new grad nurse pay and rack up somewhere around $25-30,000 in credit card debt between nursing school and my first three years of nursing.  Honestly, I don’t even know what the grand total was. I probably paid off the same $10,000 multiple times. I lived well beyond my means. I put minimal amounts into my retirement. I bought things I couldn’t afford. I couldn’t even imagine having some sort of accident because I didn’t have short term disability and there was no way I could actually pay my bills because I had zero savings. That’s right. ZERO.
  5. I’ve been using YNAB (clever name, isn’t it?!) for about 8 months now.  SnarkyDoc, one of our lovely blog contributors, recommended the product to me and I haven’t looked back since.  I wouldn’t write this testimonial about a product I don’t believe in. Why do I believe in it? Because I am 100% debt free now. And I have a savings. And I have short term disability.  And I’ve now maxed out my retirement contributions.  And I just bought a pair of expensive sunglasses I really wanted (without stressing about it!). And when my BFF’s birthday comes around, I’ve ALREADY saved money for her gifts. ALREADY. Yep. I won’t need to scrounge for cash to buy her awesome presents. Christmas? No problem. Saved for. To be fair, when I started YNAB I was down to about $10,000 in debt. But still, that is a pretty amazing achievement for 8 months time and I’m super proud of myself.
  6. If there is ONE thing I can encourage you to do is to get yourself on a budget. This is your chance. Right here. Right now. I am bringing your attention to an opportunity to live within your means and still have most things you want by using the YNAB budgeting program. How much does it cost? $5 a month. That’s it people. $5 bucks. One Starbucks latte. One fast food burger (a good one!). One pound of ground turkey. 7 days of your gym membership that you may or may not use. Getting shellac on two of your fingernails. $5.
  7. So how does it work? Click here and nose around a bit. Sign up for their FREE trial for 34 day trial of YNAB – Seriously, there is no gimmick, it’s free. You don’t input a credit card number or anything, why? “No credit card info required, because it’s lame when companies do that” – This comes straight off their website.
  8. I did the trial and had zero qualms about signing up to continue. The program is honestly quite simple. I only had a few questions when I started and YNAB had fantastic videos that gave me the answers easily and succinctly. Go on, check it out here.
  9. ALSO! Are you in school?  Then YNAB is free. Click here for more details.
  10. Living in areas other than the US?  You should still be able to use YNAB.  You can set up a primary currency and utilize this software.  🙂 If you work in two currencies, YNAB does not support that at this time, but I bet they’re working on it.

  1. SoFi – A Student Loan Refinancing Company.  We’re big fans of Social Finance or SoFi for one simple reason: SoFi tends to be very selective about who they’ll refinance with. Healthcare workers (nurses, physicians, and pharmacists among others) tend to be among the people they choose. Reasons to consider SoFi from our experience in refinancing with them:
  • It’s a non-bank lender that is challenging bigger banks with their alternative approach to providing refinancing… Hello! That’s awesome.
  • A very easy to use website: you create your account, put in your best guess for your loans and boom, you get a pre-approval or not.
  • Ease of document upload: you’ll have to provide a digital copy of a loan statement, a pay stub and an ID. Luckily, you can just take photos of them with the SoFi app and upload them that way.
  • Competitive rates: their rates are among the best around and they’ll show them to you right away without any run around. They offer different repayment lengths (the shorter the repayment length the better the interest rate) and will tell you how much your monthly payment will be so you can easily compare them.
  • Great customer service: having gone through the application process with them I found that any email I sent was answered within 24 hours (often much sooner). Customer service is available 7 days a week.
  • You can refinance federal and private loans.
  • They offer an autopay discount of 0.25% off your interest rate (not all lenders do this).
  • Members save on average, $18,936. Imagine what you can do with this!
  • There are no origination fees or prepayment penalties (this is a big one! Who wants to pay a penalty for being awesome and finishing loan repayment early!).
  • Unemployment protection: If you lose your job, they’ll temporarily pause your payments for six months and help you find a new job.