SNAP Award Nominees – Quarter Two

SNAP Award Nominees 

With the help of our partners IguanaMedAfton Socks, & Badge Blooms we’ve come together to honor amazing medical professionals. Listed below are all of the nominations we’ve received this quarter. Please take the time to read through the list of nominees and why they were nominated by their fellow coworkers. We think these people are spectacular for all they do!

The Top 10 SNAP Award Nominees will be announced in mid-August. At that time we will open up voting to YOU. With your help we will select the SNAP Award Winner!

As a reminder the SNAP Award winner will receive the following:

A free set of IguanaMed Scrubs

$50 VISA gift card & Snarkynurses Swag

A free pair of Afton Compression Socks

3 Free Badge Reels

SNAP Award Nominees:

(Nominations listed in order they were received)

Nominee: Tara P. 

  • Nominated By: Destiny H.
  • Nominated Because: Tara is a traveling RN in Denver, CO who recently lost her father, who was extremely close to her, due to a heart condition. She moved here from Georgia, where she had to fly back home to “pull the plug” on her dad in the ICU. The incredible thing about Tara is that she’s an ICU nurse with a very big heart.. which you’d think would be a bad combination but she has never let that stop her and this time is no different. I’ve tried to convince her to pick a different unit to work in, seeing as her father passed away in the ICU and I couldn’t imagine the pain she goes through every shift, having to walk in to her downward-spiraling ventilated patient on every maxed out IV drip possible with her dad in the back of her mind. With that said, this is the strongest chick I know. She cares so much about her job and patients and STILL loves what she does, after such a devastating circumstance. She deserves all the praise and encouragement in the world because not only is she awesome at being an ICU nurse, she has a heart of gold and she’s the strongest person I know!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Intensive Care Ninja-Woman

Nominee: Lorene W.

  • Nominated By: Nichole G.
  • Nominated Because: Lorene possess vast medical knowledge. She never looks down on any new nurses. She does a lot of encouraging to her peers. She is often the recipient of good catch awards and never brings it to the light of day. There is something very special about a person who does things and never seeks out positive reinforcements.
  • Funny Story:  Well… she was my nurse about ten years ago and literally almost gave up nursing. 😂 TRUE STORY. If anyone could make it through a co-worker in a thyroid storm, then we have a winner.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Super Carolina Girl

Nominee: Julie C.

  • Nominated By: Natasha
  • Nominated Because: My mum actually works on the sub acute floor two floors above mine at the same hospital. As a single a mum of four rowdy expensive girls, she went back to school when I graduated high school and I followed right in her footsteps she’s a fantastic teacher and has been my role model since before I can remember. She has such a big heart, she loves her family unconditionally and still has room to provide genuine care to all her patients.
  • Funny Story:  My mum was taking care of a patient suffering from dementia who had been quite aggressive and combative and resulted in the patient ripping my mum’s earring out. She received fantastic care from a local plastic surgeon at our hospital to repair her ear lobe. When discussing the fact the minor surgery would be free of charge without missing a beat she said ” can ya throw in a boob job and a tummy tuck” we all laughed except for the surgeon. My mum’s snarky sassy humor is something that keeps a smile on our faces even when the days are long and demanding.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: We always say that once you are called nurse ratchet you receive a nursing mile stone but my mum is far from it she would have to be Wonder Woman because any single mum of four that can haul ass in school take care of four kids and work shift work is a saint.

Nominee: Susan T.

  • Nominated By: Walt G.
  • Nominated Because: Her outstanding work ethic and intelligent decision making.
  • Funny Story:  Some patients say crazy stuff to her but she puts on her mom voice when she feels threatened its quite a transformation.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Wonder Woman

Nominee: Melissa

  • Nominated By: Lindsey
  • Nominated Because: She’s the most reliable, helpful, genuinely kind nurse and person. I spent an awful Christmas and Christmas Eve with her last year on our unit and without her, I don’t know if we could have made it through! We worked as a team and she is just so selfless, always putting others first.
  • Funny Story:  She was there to grab me a new rectal tube when I was gowned up in ISO gear, when my super sick patient farted his out. All we could do was laugh.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: The Infallible Melissa

Nominee: Jessica C.

  • Nominated By: Carla J.
  • Nominated Because: She has the calmest attitude when everything is going pear shaped around her.
  • Funny Story:  Jess helped keep me sane when I took down a patient’s dressing and found maggot therapy. I am phobic and she took over completely, but has not failed to wind me up about my phobia ever since!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Wonder Nurse

Nominee: Kim G.

  • Nominated By: Carla J.
  • Nominated Because: She single handed takes on everything thrown at her, and doesn’t rant or lose her smile until she reaches home after her shift.
  • Funny Story:  Kim constantly makes me laugh. I can’t pick out one funny story. She made a every shift a giggle fest!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Prof

Nominee: Judi S.M.M.

  • Nominated By: Marcie M.
  • Nominated Because: She always goes above & beyond, always eager to learn new skills & share them with co-workers, always treats everyone with respect. Never judges anyone, including staff, patients, visitors, etc. She generally “gives her all”, both at work & at home. She rescues cats & dogs, & sometimes people. Her home is always a welcoming place, to nearly anyone!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Mighty Nurse

Nominee: Erika S.

  • Nominated By: Kerri S.
  • Nominated Because: Erika is an incredibly skilled nurse who always takes time out of her own busy day to check on coworkers, offer help, and keep the positive vibes going.
  • Funny Story: When I was a brand new nurse, I was assisting in inserting a catheter when Erika’s hand slipped and I got pee all over my face.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Super Nurse

Nominee: Matthew H.

  • Nominated By: Kristy C.
  • Nominated Because: Matthew is always dedicated to his job. Working long hours and taking shifts that people can’t work. He always makes sure things are running smoothly and handles the admissions when they come in. He is a fun person to be around and makes the all around morale better. I think he would be a perfect person to nominate!
  • Funny Story: He like to play jokes. And one time he found out that one of the nurses hated bugs. He cut out a picture of a spider and stuck in between the pages of the narcotic book that we were going to count. Well needless to say when she came across it she screamed then I screamed and I started running. Lol
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Super Matt

Nominee: Dianne C.

  • Nominated By: Dorothy B.
  • Nominated Because: Dianne is an excellent pediatric bedside nurse, charge nurse, team player co-worker, and mother. She is currently juggling working full-time in our busy hospital while taking care of her three children, including a daughter newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She is a great team player always helping her colleagues (whether in the bedside or charge role). I would like to specifically recognize her for her remarkable patience, tact, and calm demeanor while recently dealing with a difficult demanding family. She helped deescalate an angry father but stood up for nursing staff when he made unreasonable demands on nursing staff expectations. She stayed 1.5 hours past her shift to make sure that everything got resolved and to help debrief me, despite the fact that her own daughter was dealing with hypoglycemia at home. I have also seen her exhibit exceptional compassion when taking care of end-of-life patients. Thank you Dianne for consistently being such a phenomenal nurse & advocate.
  • Funny Story: Dianne was able to maintain a straight face and appropriately divert an uncomfortable situation when a mother of a patient started asking her medical advice about her own sexual health. In front of the patient. In a pediatric hospital.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Dynamite-Dianne

Nominee: Sheila E.

  • Nominated By: Mallory C.
  • Nominated Because: She is a multitasking goddess. She does literally whatever it takes to help the team. I couldn’t lead the team without her. She is without a doubt the all time MVP of the department.
  • Funny Story: She recently decided we’re all in denial about our “aging eyesight” and ordered everyone readers on amazon. One more- she HATES to be hugged. I mess with her daily threatening to invade her space because I love her so much. A few weeks back, I was having an epically terrible day/month and out of the blue she came up and bear hugged me because she knew I needed it, even though it probably gave her anxiety.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Guardian of the Gauntlet

Nominee: Audra M.

  • Nominated By: Shea N.
  • Nominated Because: She is constantly on the move, never asking the cna’s to do anything she has time to do, from bathing to toileting, ambulating, brushing teeth she’s never too good to do it. Audra also is very sensitive to patients moods, and gets attached, which only makes her more endearing, even crying recently because her patient passed away. She is without a doubt the best nurse I have EVER worked with in my 10 years of being a nurse, a charge nurse, and nurse manager. She doesn’t complain about her patient assignments, inappropriate patient placement, or her coworkers. She is always willing to stop a task to help her coworkers, and patients that she’s not assigned to. She has nicknamed all her co-workers, plans parties for birthdays, and going aways, she brings an extra lunch daily, in case someone else is too busy to get to the cafeteria;She is a true rarity and we are blessed to have her on our unit.
  • Funny Story: One Saturday her coworker ripped his pants- he suggested getting a pair of OR scrubs to wear the rest of the day, Audra said Hey let’s just staple them, so they stapled his pants together, and he went the rest of the day that way.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: She’s definitely Wonder Woman.

Nominee: Tanya B.

  • Nominated By: Shawna M.
  • Nominated Because: She is always positive, even is the toughest situations. As a newer nurse she was willing to take the time to show me how to do something, or explain the details of something I wasn’t understanding. She has always helped me when I needed it. I can count on her.
  • Funny Story: We use golf carts at our facility to go on “village calls” for residents who independently live in the village. We have one cart designated to our use, our villagers also use carts to get around the grounds easier. Tanya wanted to take one of our long term residents on a golf cart ride, without hesitation she loaded him up in the golf cart and off the went for a good hour or so. Come to find out she did not take our designated golf cart, she “borrowed” one of our residents carts by mistake. As she was helping the resident into the cart for the ride, the gentleman who actually drives the cart just sat there and watched, then continued to sit there and wait for an hour for his cart to be returned. It was also his birthday.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Angel Nurse

Nominee: Kimberly M.

  • Nominated By: Jackie R.
  • Nominated Because: Her caring and loving demeanor.
  • Funny Story: When we used to work 3-11 together, Kim and I always had a ton of fun and laughs. One was when Joanne B. did a colonoscopy prep, HAHA!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Incredible Nurse (Incredible Hulk)

Nominee: Amanda V.

  • Nominated By: Caitlin W.
  • Nominated Because: I came from adult ICU to a pediatric cardiac ICU and she was one of my preceptors. She continually teaches me something new in this specialty. She has since become a charge nurse and is so passionate about making our unit more fun and less stress. We care for tiny babies getting open heart surgery, which can really take its toll on you. I know that whenever I’m at work with her, I don’t have to worry about how my night will be because I have an amazing resource and friend by my side.
  • Funny Story: Since we work in a congenital heart ICU we sometimes get adult patients. One night I had an adult patient who was quite demanding. I was so busy hanging meds, running around, etc. The patient would not stop yelling about her back hurting so Amanda gave her a back massage. By the time I was done and looked over she giving me this SOS look and is straight up sweating. I couldn’t stop laughing.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Heart Mender

Nominee: Julianne T.

  • Nominated By: Nikki C.
  • Nominated Because: She is a fierce patient advocate!! She always purses what is best for her patients all with a never ending positive energy that is contagious and inspiring!
  • Funny Story: She has been busted more than once throwing out dances moves on the unit.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Nurse Incredible (with a cape).

Nominee: Angie L.

  • Nominated By: Sarah T.
  • Nominated Because: Angie always puts everyone else first she is willing to pick up extra shifts, make trades and help with anything anyone needs. Angie is someone I have learned a lot from and I trust her taking care of anyone I love as she is beyond compassionate, knowledgeable and amazing! She helps make codes/traumas/sticky situations go as smooth as possible and we all appreciate her for that!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: T-Rex

Nominee: Megan C.

  • Nominated By: Carmen M.
  • Nominated Because: She is a great nurse and really takes time with staff and patients.
  • Funny Story: She is snarky so there are a few stories that I can not repeat.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Mega

Nominee: Kim E.

  • Nominated By: Kelsey P.
  • Nominated Because: The ability to make literally anyone laugh by just appreciating the person they are.
  • Funny Story: Won’t lie, we work almost all our shifts together and I can have this heifer of a nurse laughing so hard she is about to pee her pants. We can literally make any shift, good or bad, an awesome shift with our snarky humor. (See what I did there? Lol)
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Super Heifer

Nominee: Beth K.

  • Nominated By: Jacqueline M.
  • Nominated Because: Deep clinical knowledge, loyalty to her staff. Empathy with common sense and experience in all facets of healthcare.
  • Funny Story: She gets up every morning to take care of her many thoroughbred horses. Shovels their manure and then comes in to take care of human’s poop also.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Wonder Woman

Nominee: Kayla Z.

  • Nominated By: Shannon T.
  • Nominated Because: Willingness to be flexible,helping. Out co workers with switching shifts, working her tail off, flexible as heck, even when she has her own personal sadness, she never shows it to her patients.
  • Funny Story: Kayla is the best snap chatter on earth!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Super Snap!

Nominee: Alaina M.

  • Nominated By: Natasha
  • Nominated Because: My co-worker saves patients but literally kills me with how hilarious she is. In our never ending, fast paced often crazy work environment she never misses an appropriate opportunity to make us laugh and smile. She’s a super hard worker and everyone has a sigh of relief when her name is on the assignment board because no matter what, it’s going to be a good shift.
  • Funny Story: On April Fools (of course) we were all sleepy eye’d sitting in the report room listening to taped report. I noticed that Alaina had brought a box of Tim bits earlier and had set them on the table. During a particularly monotone uneventful report I gently opened the box of Tim bits hoping for a glorious chocolate piece as soon as I opened the box it was full of vegetables. As soon as I opened my mouth what came out was even worse than a dry celery stick in the norninf first thing in the morning.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Ms Pineapple (inside joke/ safe word)

Nominee: Chantelle B.

  • Nominated By: Gabrielle B.
  • Nominated Because: Her kindness and sense of humour!
  • Funny Story: Too many to tell!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: ChanWELL

Nominee: Jennifer R.

  • Nominated By: Emery C.
  • Nominated Because: Jen is the hardest worker in our clinic. She is constantly taking on new projects to better serve our patients, our staff and our hospital. If she sees a problem, she is right there with a solution or a plan to get to a solution. She is positive, encouraging and supportive to all of her staff and truly cares about them and our patients. She is the Head Nurse of our Surgical Services Clinic, the voice of our patient education videos, co-creator of our Surgical Passports, Website updater, Coloring book designer for children before surgery, Arbinger Facilitator, Best Boss ever to her Assistant Head Nurse, And many more that I could go on with forever by now you get the gist of who she is.
  • Funny Story: Where to begin, Jen is the one who always and I mean always brings the humor! Whether it is serving chili out of a kidney basin for a potluck, putting a coworkers unattended ID card into a urinal of warm apple juice, or cracking jokes and movie references all day, Jen brings the laughs and ensures an enjoyable shift.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Captain wine-o kitten master of all

Nominee: Qwanda R.

  • Nominated By: Megan S-W.
  • Nominated Because: She is always jumping in to help everyone have a better night.
  • Funny Story: A patient rang and asked her to adjust the settings on his pressure relieving mattress multiple times. She patiently told him no each time and explained it was already adjusted by the wound nurse for optimal wound healing. Finally he rang and told her, “I can’t believe you don’t have the stones to change it!”
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Q-Dog

Nominee: Karissa T.

  • Nominated By: Emily J.
  • Nominated Because: She’s an amazing charge nurse who is always willing to helps out even without being asked. She’s someone that will do your admit without hesitation, she will pass medication and walk people. She’s a team player. Plus she’s always got a positive attitude with a smile to match! She’s a joy to work with!
  • Funny Story: She is so proud of her kids, she loves to tell stories… like how her daughter keeps pooping in the shower while she’s in it.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Super Duper Momma Nurse

Nominee: Sara M.

  • Nominated By: Dana A.
  • Nominated Because: Sara is a hard worker and never complains about her job. She expects others to work as she does, she completes her tasks on a timely manner. Sara picks up extra call from coworkers. I am her manager and I wish I had more like Sara in our department.
  • Funny Story: She pats her hair with baby powder because she doesn’t have time to wash it, with 3 girls under the age of 5. She uses the same baby powder in her funky surgery shows that stink up the locker room and she will powder your shoes when your not looking if she thinks your feet are funky too. It’s a public service really!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Messy Hair Don’t Care Dynamo

Nominee: Margie T.

  • Nominated By: Jaclyn M.
  • Nominated Because: She gives the best quality care, always there to listen & pick up for her co workers. Spends her days off planning events for the staff (afterwork committee) & always includes everyone in the building. Comes in on her days off to sell 50/50 tickets & has taught me so much over the last 3 years I cant thank her enough.
  • Funny Story: There are so many I dont know where to begin we have tackled many POOnomis (Sunomis) together, & our favourite game to play with the elderly is snakes & bladdars. Who can forget wheelchair of fourtune, can I buy a bowel? Arts & craps are fun but sometimes dont have a clue will have to work. When it comes to cards we love crazy 8s & old maid. Our patients look forward to Sag your it & wet shal contests. Mary & Ethal are besties on the floor & if I could nominate 2 nurses at the same time Sonya MacIntosh would be another great nurse who should recieve the award as well.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Mary

Nominee: My Entire Team

  • Nominated By: Lisa M.
  • Nominated Because: It’s not just one thing or individual. It’s the doctors, nurses, CMAs, Team Lead, Practice Manager…Everyone works together as a team. Everything runs so fluid. Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand. No one ever says, well that’s not my job! We are a family, with patient satisfaction being our #1 goal! It’s way too difficult to only nominate 1 individual of an incredible team! That in itself is rare!
  • Funny Story: Humor is if the essence in healthcare. Everyday there is someone being silly.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Thunder Cats

Nominee: Monica E.

  • Nominated By: Marlene C.
  • Nominated Because: Her positive attitude and work ethic in general! She puts patient and coworker needs before her own even if she’s behind! She never stops moving… I literally gave her my Fitbit to track her daily steps at work!
  • Funny Story: Honestly, she had never heard of the app Boomerrang now every time we work together she insists we snap a funny clip! She’s think it’s fun but hasn’t even downloaded the app herself.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name:  SuperGirl… or Marvel Girl

Nominee: Leigh R.

  • Nominated By: Karen B.
  • Nominated Because: Leigh works weekend nights – EVERY WEEK – in a busy MICU. She has a wicked sense of humor, and also goes the extra mile for the unit, and picks up extra shifts when asked.
  • Funny Story: Leigh makes me laugh! We sing in a choir together, and keeps me in stitches.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Super Nurse Leigh the Lighthearted

Nominee: Elaine N.

  • Nominated By: Nikki B.
  • Nominated Because: She is an awesome nurse but she is always there for her co-nurses in every situation. We work on an oncology/neuro floor and see many hospice patients that we care for through their transition phase into death. She is always there for emotional support for nursing staff and of course the grieving family.
  • Funny Story: She is our comic relief for sure! She sings and always has a smile on her face. Sometime when the unit is burning she is always there with her sassy self!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Nightingale X

Nominee: Whitney S.

  • Nominated By: Staci M.
  • Nominated Because: Whitney is the best nurse any patient could ever have. We work at a women’s hospital and do labor and delivery. She is the happiest and most positive nurse I’ve ever seen. She helps everyone on the floor and always has a fun attitude.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Wonderful Whit

Nominee: Maranda F.

  • Nominated By: Hannah L.
  • Nominated Because: Her ability to go over and beyond the call of duty for her patients. She will fight for her patients, sit by their bedside and just talk with them, she is attentive to their needs, she is so knowledgeable but down to earth and willing to share her knowledge and teach others, and she is also the best darn bath giver in the whole hospital.
  • Funny Story: One night in our ICU we had ALL of our patients on ventilators. We had our nightly baths done and had begun to feel that since for “calm” and then we…smelled it…we had a code brown. Maranda got up and began to waltz by each room to see if she could find the culprit. She lingered for a minute outside of her patients room. She walked to the back of the room to turn on the lights. We heard a scream. We all came running! The lights came on but, there was no sign of Maranda any where in the room! She appeared slowly from behind the head of the bed covered in greenish brown slime. The OG tube had somehow become disconnected from the wall suction and had spilled all over the floor and Maranda had slipped in it when she had turned on the lights! This is where the foul odor was coming from and Maranda was now covered in it!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Supercatwoman

Nominee: Kelly

  • Nominated By: Ann
  • Nominated Because: Kelly is simply the best coworker ever. It’s hard to fit into simple words how much I love working with her. I have been a nurse for 7 years on the same unit, started right out in this unit and was placed on a weekend/holiday rotation with Kelly. Her smile lights up the unit. I have never been told no when I have asked her for help, and she always offers to help others in any way she can when she has time. She’s the best for getting in some an workouts in the way of 5am morning giggles. We often end up duking it out over who gets a patient bc we both love our kids at work and love them dearly. She’s such a great nurse, and at times second guesses her self or thinks she isn’t, but I never lie when I tell her “you taught me what I know!” Families love her and adore her. She’s a fantastic nurse, a wonderful coworker, and a genuinely great human being as well.
  • Funny Story: We frequently end up giggling over ridiculous things… just last night she sneezed so hard so loud at the nurse’s station that the person I was speaking with on the phone in lab said “bless you” to me. I was speechless from giggling so hard, and between laughter had to explain it was someone else and I would pass along the bless you. Another time, she came to help me turn an intubated patient and allow me to give a tylenol suppository while we were repositioning. I was flustered and busy busy busy thinking about the next 10 things to do and didnt realize i hadnt put on a new pair of gloves until he was being held on his side by Kelly and I went to touch his butt and realized something didn’t look right. My stricken face sent Kelly instantly into laughter and she continued holding him on his side, snickering the whole time, long enough for me to get my gloves on. I’m surprised she had any strength to hold him she was laughing so much. I too, had tears of laughter streaming down my cheeks by the time we were done turning and fluffing and was uncontrollably cackling for no other reason than Kelly’s giggles and her insistence that maybe I like butts too much if I’m willing to touch them sans gloves. Stupid giggle session, might have had to be there to truly appreciate, but I definitely needed the laughter on such a rough night. We did apologize to my sedated patient for the fact that he had crazy nurses. He didn’t seem to mind.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: WonderKelly

Nominee: Charelle R.

  • Nominated By: Ashleigh M.
  • Nominated Because: She is the charge nurse on the oncology unit. She helps lead us as a team and is very compassionate with the patients.
  • Funny Story: Sometimes she will blame her farts on the patients.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Motivation Nurse

Nominee: Julie V.

  • Nominated By: Hannah L.
  • Nominated Because: She goes over and beyond the call of duty when it comes to her patients she fights for her patients and is not afraid to step up and advocate for them. She has a knack for getting down and explaining things on their level. She may deny it but she does have amazing patience for her patients. She is such a team player and is alway willing to help. She is always helping you before you even knew you needed help. She is truely a the embodiment of a well rounded great nurse.
  • Funny Story: We work on the night shift in the ICU. Julie has a passion for cleanliness, as we all should, but, Julie goes above and beyond. After a used room is “cleaned” at our hospital she ‘inspects’ it and always finds it well below her standards and gets to work cleaning it to her standard. One night, on her night off, we moved a patient to the stepdown unit and called for the room to be cleaned. Afterwards, we walked in and saw a large spot that had obviously not been cleaned. We said Julie must be in her bed tossing and turning unable to sleep and sitting up and thinking, “something is not quite right!”
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: The Germaphobe

Nominee: San O.

  • Nominated By: Rachel B.
  • Nominated Because: She is amazing with her patients. She is willing to teach and willing to help anyone and everyone.
  • Funny Story: Anytime she gives us her Jersey accent.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: SuperNurse

Nominee: Emily

  • Nominated By: Emily
  • Nominated Because: Her patience and kindness.
  • Funny Story: Our patient is a sundowner and every night shift, he wants to go out for a stroll. Well, Emily was in charge and decided to help our nurses out and give us a break from the poor guy. I helped her take him for a stroll and he tried to make a run for it to the elevators! We had to pry his hands from the elevator but he was so strong. So we had to go on the elevator with him and follow him throughout the hospital until we tricked him into going back to his room. This was an hour long ordeal. Emily was really sweet to stay calm and patient while I was bright red and flustered.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Wonder Woman

Nominee: Sara

  • Nominated By: Olivia
  • Nominated Because: She does so well with patients/family members who are dealing with end of life circumstances. She can make light of even the worst days and always has a smile on her face and ready to help.
  • Funny Story: After an extremely long day Sara and I were finishing up our shift. We had a patient going through some major withdrawals, and he was getting confused. Sara was giving him his final meds while I was bagging up his trash. She told him to lay back and try to relax and he replied with, “it’d be easier if you trestled me up like a horse.” When he said this he was slightly mumbling and sara looks at him with the funniest facial expression and says, “what? You want me to dress you up like a whore?!” The patient looks back at her with the most disgusted look on his face and says, “what? No! I would never say that!!” Sara and I could not stop laughing and went to the hall and could not get what we were laughing about out of our mouths because we were laughing so hard we were crying.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: S.S (Super Sara)

Nominee: Christine I-B.

  • Nominated By: Misty M.
  • Nominated Because: Her ability to remain neutral in a toxic environment.
  • Funny Story: My co-worker and I are trying to lose weight and go to the gym early (4am) before we have to be to work by 6. One morning she stumbled into the gym telling me she only slept a couple of hours. After our warm up we hit some equipment. I was on to my fourth machine when I notice she had not moved off her first. As I am walking over to check on her she jerks her head up and says ” Girl omg, I feel asleep sitting here” I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard…How does one fall asleep in the middle of working out?
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Vein Finder 5000

Nominee: Mahalia M-G., Annie P., Robin C., Nicolette F.

  • Nominated By: Jessica T.
  • Nominated Because: My Oncology/Hematology Clinic RNs work hard, everyday, they stay over time to make sure their patients are taken care of, in this emotional field, they manage to keep the humor and keep each other sane. Both at work and outsidw of work. They are my family.
  • Funny Story: I called the nurses station, Rn answers, I ask to have Mahalia call me back. Mahalia calls me, I answer, she says “hey big daddy” , confused, I say “huh?” She says, they told me to call you, so i decided to call you big daddy! Robin comes in my office, eats cake, and says, you probably heard, i had to give him ativan..we both look at each other and simultaneously say, “he took a ride in the Ati-Van!” We’re all always joking and cracking up, we dance and always end a sentence in “thats what he/she said” i love them!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: The Avengers

Nominee: Kalani W.

  • Nominated By: Rebecca B.
  • Nominated Because: Her passion to provide amazing care to each and every patient & the way she advocates on behalf of those entrusted to her care.
  • Funny Story: She and I once struggled to open a wine bottle with an opener only to discover it was a lid that simply screws on.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Wonder Woman’s Spirit Animal

Nominee: Viviana O.

  • Nominated By: Amanda C.
  • Nominated Because: She is great at what she does. Patient, kind, funny, and always does things the right way.
  • Funny Story: I had never suctioned a trach before, so I asked her how. I was ready with a yankour, LOL. She took time out of her day to not only explain to me how to suction, but also to come with me and explain while i did it! She does this often! I don’t know what I would do without her.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Wonder Viv!

Nominee: Meghan S.

  • Nominated By: Ashley D.
  • Nominated Because: Meghan always steps up to help out in situations that no one else wants to touch.
  • Funny Story: Meghan was helping me try to give a Lactulose enema on a patient with a high ammonia level but who had massive diarrhea. I have incredibly long hair and Meghan kept saving it just before I would up the Rapunzel of Poop. And trust me I never would have noticed if it had touched the poop and I would have spent the rest of the shift wondering what smelled.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Ferret Girl

Nominee: Ingrid

  • Nominated By: Jerriann
  • Nominated Because: Always quick with a smile and a laugh even when she is faced with a miserable situation. Ingrid doesn’t dwell on the negative during the work day, she will always say “ok, sounds great!” And head off with that smile of hers towards the abyss if need be. short staffed, short tempered, not feeling well it doesn’t matter, Ingrid is always cheerful and patient with everyone at work.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Senora Smiles

Nominee: Amanda C.

  • Nominated By: Kristi H.
  • Nominated Because: Amanda is an amazing nurse who has an amazing talent for making everyone feel good even when everything is going wrong. she is smart, confident and an amazing nurse !!
  • Funny Story: Well she hates to be tickled and so just a poke in the right place makes her squirm !!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Batnurse !!! because she loves Batman

Nominee: Julia C.

  • Nominated By: Desiree B.
  • Nominated Because: She’s always willing to lend a helping hand to her co-workers. Also, she’s a great nurse that shows kindness and compassion to her patients.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Chief Childers

Nominee: Jill C.

  • Nominated By: Dawn M.
  • Nominated Because: She always has a positive attitude and just livens the vibe at the work place. She is always willing to help anyone out and use every moment as a teaching moment rather than putting us down or making us feel dumb! She is awesome and I’m so glad to work for someone like her! I’ve never been happier at a job!
  • Funny Story: So we have a running joke about cats at the office and one evening her and I literally sat in the office and photoshopped all the nurses faces on to pictures that were glamour shots with cats. Lol and then we posted them all up in the office. It was hilarious! The nurses were cracking up.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Superwoman

Nominee: Heather H.

  • Nominated By: Hayley M.
  • Nominated Because: Her attitude towards her patients every single day no matter what is going on. No matter the assignment she gives 100% to her patients and her coworkers. She is an amazing charge nurse and steps up when we are short staffed and busy. Heather is always there to build you up and give you a pep talk when you need one. She is so knowledgeable and is a great resource when uncommon drips, medications or protocols come up. She has such a sweet and loving personality and is an outstanding nurse.
  • Funny Story: One day we were having a rough and busy day. During the few minutes of down time and bathroom breaks we were each sending each other snarky nurse snapshots to make each other laugh and get through the day. So many of those posts are so relatable!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: The Healer: healing souls and wounds and everything in between.

Nominee: Rita R.

  • Nominated By: Heather B.
  • Nominated Because: She is my mom and graduated Nursing school at the age of 56! We work together at a County Jail, she goes ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty! Works hard, long hours. She is compassionate with inmates, some of whom have no respect for anyone. When we work together the Officers call us the Dream Team!!!
  • Funny Story: She would kill me if I did!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Mom


That’s all folks! Thank you for taking the time to read through our magnificent SNAP Award Nominations!





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