SNAP Award Nominees


SNAP Award Nominees 

With the help of our partners IguanaMed and Afton Socks we’ve come together to honor amazing medical professionals. Listed below are all of the nominations we’ve received this quarter. Please take the time to read through the list of nominees and why they were nominated by their fellow coworkers. We think these people are spectacular for all they do!

The Top 10 SNAP Award Nominees will be announced on March 31st. At that time we will open up voting to YOU. With your help we will select the SNAP Award Winner!

As a reminder the SNAP Award winner will receive the following:

A free set of IguanaMed Scrubs

$50 VISA gift card & Snarkynurses swag

A free pair of Afton Compression Socks

SNAP Award Nominees:

(Nominations listed in order they were received)

Nominee: Gayle P. 

  • Nominated By: Kesha S.
  • Nominated Because: Gayle always strives to take care of our patients even when we’re short staffed. She is always wiling to jump in and help others when needed and does not complain… She enjoys her job and loves her patients.
  • Funny Story: As hard as Gayle works, one day myself and another co worker caught her dozing off while sitting upright at her computer.. We both laughed and giggled all day about it.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Bionic Payne

Nominee: Julia A. 

  • Nominated By: Rachel T.
  • Nominated Because: Julia is the best ICU nurse I know (including myself). She is sensible, smart, and ALWAYS down to help when the literal or figurative s*** hits the fan. She will sass a doctor if she needs to to get what’s right for the patient, but do it so gracefully they’ll thank her for it.
  • Funny Story: One time our boss made a statement and we looked at each other and mouthed “that’s what she said”
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Capt. Seroquel

Nominee: Sholaunda S. 

  • Nominated By: Jamie T.
  • Nominated Because: Compassion. From the patients in our rooms, to someone in the hallway, to each and every one of coworkers Sholaunda shows EVERYONE compassion and respect. She makes everyone feel comfortable and can confide in her. She is also the best leader and example of a nurse. Sholaunda also raises a special needs son so her patience is through the roof when helping our elderly stroke patients. Lastly the very first thing I remember about Sholaunda when I first started was when we had a black out tornado warning and everyone was supposed to go down stairs but a few of our patients were bedridden, management urged her to seek safety and leave them on the floor but Sholaunda would NOT leave her patients, I think that above it all shows her character.
  •  Funny Story: Her laugh is hilarious in itself. We laugh every day with her as our charge nurse. As to pinpoint one thing I don’t think I can unfortunately. Hopefully that doesn’t count against me! I’m sure she could remember.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Mama Sho!

Nominee: Amanda H.

  • Nominated By: Christy S.
  • Nominated Because: She is the most positive, hardworking, compassionate, and skilled nurse I’ve ever met. She works as a Resource RN and there isn’t a unit that knows who she is that doesn’t ask for her often. She is constantly coming up with creative ways to appreciate her coworkers such as nominating employees of the month to grilled cheese parties for the night staff. Her generosity is endless. Every night she is given the difficult assignments because of her skill and she does it with a smile. I know I can always count on her, and we talk endlessly about ways to improve our hospital and make it a place people are proud to work for.
  • Funny Story: I wasn’t there personally, but I’ve heard the story a time or two. Amanda was responding to a code and needed to perform chest compressions on a man. She proceeds to climb on top of him and begin the process. It’s important to know she is about 8 months pregnant, and with every movement her pants would slowly begin to reveal more and more of her bare butt. She is completely wrapped up in what’s she’s doing, but within a minute or two, there she was, an extremely pregnant lady performing chest compressions, and mooning everyone around her!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: The Giving Governess

Nominee: Tanis F.

  • Nominated By: Lynelle M.
  • Nominated Because: I was Tanis’ preceptor in the OR and she was an absolute joy to teach. She wanted to learn and took constructive criticism like a champ. She quickly became one of my best friends in the hospital and I looked forward to every shift I worked with her. Tanis is one of the kindest and most compassionate nurses I’ve ever worked with and any patient she comes into contact with loves her as much as I do. Last but not least, her and I would crank the tunes and have a dance party at the end of our OR slate every day while we cleaned up and reset our ORs.
  • Funny Story: Tanis and I were working day surgery one day and we had two old men who both had false teeth in containers on the counter, one labelled and one not. When the first man was ready to go home she accidentally gave him the other man’s dentures to which he promptly said “these aren’t mine”. She came running out of the cubicle completely red and told me what happened, me being the supportive preceptor, pissed myself laughing. She made me promise never to tell anyone… sorry babe!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Dancing Queen

Nominee:  Dr. James L., PharmD

  • Nominated By: Jackie L.
  • Nominated Because: This person has always gone above and beyond for his patients, whether medication reconciliating with a patient or resolving an insurance issue over the phone for a patient. He always treats his patients as if they were his own family, no matter what! In addition, he always makes sure his employees are taken care of as well which is why he’s a great Pharmacy Manager too.
  • Funny Story: Whenever he has a patient that goes through the pharmacy drive thru and if that patient has a dog in the car with him or her, he will always hand out doggie snacks!!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Captain OctoHands

Nominee: Miranda T.

  • Nominated By: Melanie V.
  • Nominated Because: She was my substitude when I went on maternity leave. I’m a bit of a workaholic and her hard work was the only reason I could enjoy my leave without worrying about my patients. She literally knows everything and has a great (dark) sense of humor that I love.
  • Funny Story: She came with me as a support when my newborn had to get her first shots (daddy was afraid whimp… and her mommy too this time haha.) Because we were goofing around the whole time the nurse was convinced we were lesbians. It was quite a shock for her when I told her I was married to the daddy haha.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: She is the ultimate Batwoman with a stethoscope. Always wearing black.

Nominee: Deb B.

  • Nominated By: Sarah R.
  • Nominated Because: Deb is an experienced nurse who has been in the field for many years. Despite that, she still helps the patient care techs with patient care without even being asked. She’s absolutely amazing. The patients love her, our Co workers love her, she’s just an absolute rock star. I was recently left to tech the entire floor by myself when another tech went home sick. With 22 patients, 8 of whom had incontinent briefs, the shift still went smoothly because Deb jumped in and helped me with every brief change during every rounding. I just can’t say enough about her. This is just so rare, she definitely deserved recognition!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Captain Awesome Pants

Nominee: Sara V.C.

  • Nominated By: Niki R.
  • Nominated Because: Sara goes above and beyond for every single one of her patients, no matter how difficult they are. She is constantly making sure they are safe and as comfortable as possible. She seems to always get the most difficult or critical patients on the unit, but she always delivers excellent patient care. No matter how busy or stressed she is, she goes the extra mile to ensure her patient’s comfort and safety and to help out her fellow coworkers. She is honestly one of the most hard-working nurses I’ve ever worked with.
  • Funny Story: One time Sara and I were boosting a patient in the bed and we pulled the sheets so hard that we accidentally hit our patient’s head against the wall. Thankfully the patient was perfectly fine, but our super strength amused both of us.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Sara the Super Nurse

Nominee: Michelle L.S.

  • Nominated By: Niki R.
  • Nominated Because: Michelle is one of the best nurses I’ve ever worked with; she really knows what she’s doing. She knows how to handle any and every patient situation, no matter how difficult or messy. Moreover, she has been so vital to my success as a nursing student. She has taught me plenty of skills and has given me plenty more tips and advice on getting through nursing school alive. She is so dedicated to this profession; she’s pregnant with twins and has been battling a nasty illness for months, yet has only called in once, and only because she was in the emergency room! She deserves all the recognition in the world for all of her hard work and dedication.
  • Funny Story: One time, Michelle and I were in a patient’s room, and I was trying to draw an intricate flower on the patient’s whiteboard. Michelle said that it looked more like weed, which actually made my patient laugh, a rare thing since he is totally paralyzed and not able to talk or track anything with his eyes.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Mighty Michelle

Nominee: Rey C.

  • Nominated By: Niki R.
  • Nominated Because: Despite his habit of intentionally asking stupid questions and making up lies, Rey is an awesome nurse. He knows how to handle any situation that comes his way and how to interact with each and every patient. When he’s not being goofy, he is quite knowledgeable and can tell you anything you need to know. He’s truly a great charge nurse!
  • Funny Story: Back when Pokémon Go was popular, Rey turned on the paging system at 11 o’clock at night to announce that there was a rare Pokémon on the east side of our unit. He also decided to announce that visiting hours were over, even though they had actually ended at 8 and all visitors had been long gone at that point.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Rambunctious Rey

Nominee: Shanel K.

  • Nominated By: Lisa W.
  • Nominated Because: On Christmas, we didn’t have a unit secretary and the printer for prenatal records went down, and Shanel took time away from her husband and 5 kids (!!!) to FaceTime with me to get it fixed. It seems like a small thing, but not having prenatal records accessible really makes it difficult to take care of our patients, and I was so grateful to Shanel for taking the time on Christmas Day to help us out!
  • Funny Story: Back story: I had recently lost weight and my size large scrub pants were too big, but I hadn’t bothered to go down a size, and instead just tied my baggy pants a little tighter around my hips. So I was chilling at the desk one day, and heard the “call of the wild” coming from the room of an unanesthetized multip. Naturally I ran in and found this woman crowning, and thrashing all over the bed. I raced to deliver the babe (without gloves), and the patient jumped up the bed with her baby half out. I chased her up the bed, babe’s head still in my hands, and my drawstring gets stuck on the bed rail!! Before I know it, my pants are on the floor, my mostly bare booty is hanging out, the babe is now delivered and crying in my arms, and the baby daddy is recording the blessed event for posterity. I holler out the door for help, and in runs my faithful friend Shanel to save the day. I’ve never been so glad to see her. She takes one look at this fiasco and races to my side. I think she’ll take the babe from me to free up my hands, but no! She squats down by my feet, grabs my pants, and yanks them back up! Now that’s a real friend!!!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Sparkle Glitterpants Supermom!

Nominee: Lauren H.

  • Nominated By: Gabraelle E.
  • Nominated Because: Lauren and I met first day of orientation. We work in adult oncology, so our jobs can be quite depressing at times. No matter how hard or how sad our job gets, Lauren walks in everyday with a smile on her face and compassion in her eyes. She has only been a nurse for 6 months but has the compassion and integrity of a nurse of 50+ years and I am so incredibly honored to work with her. She is truly a gift to the nursing profession.
  • Funny Story: Lauren is a little quirky, and a goofball at times. On our first week of night shift, both of us were struggling to adjust to the schedule. We both live within walking distance of the hospital. One day on her walk home she was eating an apple and saw a very attractive guy passing by. She went to smile at him and as she smiled some of the apple gleeked out the side of her mouth, so bad that the guy clearly saw it. All Lauren did was start laughing hysterically, then sent me a Snapchat to tell me all about it.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Wonder Woman

Nominee: Amanda W.

  • Nominated By: Alisha G.
  • Nominated Because:  We all go to her for her endless capacity of knowledge-she’s been there the longest and just knows so much, and would fall apart without without her…no joke. She truly shows all of us what the best example of being the patient’s #1 advocate means and looks like; no matter what the circumstances are…we work in a jail and sometimes that can be challenging.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: The know-it-all NINJA

Nominee: Tessa H.

  • Nominated By: Liz
  • Nominated Because: Tessa took the time to help mold me into a better nurse. To calm my fears and empower me as a new graduate that I had what it took to not only be a nurse, but a damn good one. She proves nurses don’t always eat their young. She goes the extra mile for her patientsand co-workers. She is the standard of safety and compassion.
  • Funny Story: We went out to happy hour after an extremely stressfull day, the next day in PACU we both felt sick. Food posioning at it’s finest. We took turns running to the restroom to poop in between receiving patients from the OR. She even had to use her back up underwear she keeps in her purse.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Captain Tessa

Nominee: Pam P.

  • Nominated By: Samantha
  • Nominated Because: She’s a great boss and friend, goes above and beyond all the time, she a great team player, and never minds helping any one at any time.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Since she really looks like supergirl, probably would be Super Pam or Super ADON.

Nominee: Sadie H.

  • Nominated By: Nicholas P.
  • Nominated Because: She precepted me to a difficult liver/kidney/pancreas transplant unit, while she was orienting to charge nurse and starting her first semester at Quinnipiac University to get her DNP (while earning straight A’s)! She’s a brilliant nurse, and her caring and compassion nature never ceases to amaze her coworkers and her patients. Furthermore, she always manages to maintain a positive attitude and great sense of humor – no matter how difficult the shift. She is the embodiment of all the qualities of an excellent nurse, patient advocate, and most of all a friend.
  • Funny Story: She created a instagram group with all of the nurses on our floor called “Poo Party,” a sarcastic name for the countless number of lactulose enemas we give to our cirrhosis/HE patients every day, where we all send funny memes from nursing instagram accounts like snarky nurses!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Mayor of Garbage Town

Nominee: Claudia P.

  • Nominated By: Sabra R.
  • Nominated Because: Claudia is an amazing nurse who goes above and beyond anyone I’ve ever worked with. She takes the time out her crazy busy shift to help residents feel more comfortable and help them feel at home. I’ve also witnessed her helping fellow nurse better themselves, help CNA’s, and helping anyone who needs it- including keeping family members worries to rest. She always puts her work and her patients first; all while keeping a smile on her face and staying professional. A truly genuine girl all around!
  • Funny Story: She always keeps the mood light! No matter how stressful it gets she doesn’t let it get to her. As a crazy Green Bay fan I’ve caught her many times sneaking off to ask Siri the score! If she gets the 10 seconds to do it that is!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Flash!

Nominee: Debbie L., RN

  • Nominated By: Maggie H.
  • Nominated Because: She always works hard and never complains about having to take a turn calling our problem patients. She also has a great work ethic and truly cares about our patients.
  • Funny Story: We play tag sometimes with patients. Half the time they don’t answer for me and then keep her on the phone for 15 minutes.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Super Deb

Nominee: Erica J.

  • Nominated By: Kaye S.
  • Nominated Because: She is always willing to help everyone and talks to all residents hers or not. She never makes you feel stupid no matter how many questions you ask her. Always in a good mood.
  • Funny Story: She constantly exclaims shut the front door! Actually cried when I found a pillow door stop with the saying on it.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Wonder Woman

Nominee: Leah H.

  • Nominated By: Charissa M.
  • Nominated Because: Leah is such an amazing nurse! She was my preceptor when I first went to night shift and she took someone who lacked self confidence in themselves and turned it all around. This is not the only reason she’s amazing. She is our charge nurse on the unit and is such a great leader, she is fair and is always there to lend a helping hand. She goes above and beyond for every single one of her patients even when some of the patients are less than appreciative. She is the shining star of our unit and sets the bar as to how we should all practice nursing.
  • Funny Story: Leah always is the best at impersonation of other people’s voices, she is always making us laugh with them and they turn stressful situations into something that is manageable.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Night Hawk

Nominee: Sam N.

  • Nominated By: Rebecca V.
  • Nominated Because: Above and beyond preceptor to novice nurses and as a nurse herself.
  • Funny Story: One rainy day Sam came into work ready for a stellar shift. When opening up her bag to grab her work shoes she realized she had forgotten them at home. For the first 15 minutes of her shift she “waddled” .. as though she thought through the halls. … no one could really tell her rubber duckies were on. Sam eventually found a pair of running shoes that would suffice to work for the shift. After a full 12 hours of working the next round of nurses came on to shift. With one nurse specifically concerned. She was frantically searching for her shoes. Sheepishly Sam announced she had them. It really wasn’t a big deal and the nurse was very understanding of her situation. But it was a hoot to listen to through the shift and afterwards
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Usana Nurse

Nominee: Taigen

  • Nominated By: Gabrielle
  • Nominated Because: She always goes above and beyond for her coworkers. She is a kind and gentle nurse who is very attentive to details and who pays attention to her patients needs. She is loved by all of us and she deserves to be recognized for all her hard work and efforts.
  • Funny Story: She gave me the nick name gabapentin. We write our names on white boards so our pt.’s know who we are. She will write my name and in brackets put my nickname. It gives them patients a good laugh, especially those who take the medication.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Super Pooper Trooper

Nominee: Angela G.

  • Nominated By: Megan A.
  • Nominated Because: Her big kind heart.
  • Funny Story: We nurses don’t wipe and tell …;)
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Big mama!;) (also inside joke)

Nominee: Fritzie D.

  • Nominated By: Marva S.
  • Nominated Because: Fritzie is always smiling, and in perfect snarky nurse style, laughing at every moment! Her teamwork saves us everyday, even if it’s just to make us smile and make the day more enjoyable. Her positivity is infectious, and brightens up the workday!
  • Funny Story: When we were rapidly giving blood and prepping for an emergent open sternotomy at the bedside, she requested some supplies with ‘right meow!’ (She’s also obsessed with cats!)
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Fantastic Fritz

Nominee: Amanda S.

  • Nominated By: Katie M.
  • Nominated Because: She’s always so amazing, upbeat and funny. Such an extraordinary nurse to the most deserving population, oncology patients.
  • Funny Story: Amanda honestly thought that a brontosaurus was called a “bronchiosaurus”.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Farts McGee

Nominee: Gyan H.

  • Nominated By: Sarah E.
  • Nominated Because: Never gives up. Always up for a challenge. Always willing to listen or lend a helping hand.
  • Funny Story: Whenever we decide to pick up shifts and end up working together, something terrible always happens! We always joke that we shouldn’t pick up shifts together.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Super Nurse

Nominee: Pat T.

  • Nominated By: Taylor
  • Nominated Because: Pat has been a nurse for over 15 years, but is still excited about nursing and treats all patients like they are her family. She has such patience with not only her patients, but with students and new nurses. Most nurses eat their young, but she actually wants to teach them, and I think that’s something truly special. She was my preceptor as a student, and she fought for me to get a job in the surgical ICU and is now my preceptor while I’m orienting, and she has changed my life forever and shown me that you can spend an entire career at the bedside without your heart hardening or your integrity wavering. She’s the person who we all turn to in a crisis. When something goes wrong with someone else’s patient, you can bet that she is right there helping. She’s a wonderful person who does the right thing, the right way, no matter what, and that is a true nurse.
  • Funny Story: While I was precepting as a student, there was a patient who wasn’t ours that was using a cooling blanket. Pat was wanting to show me how to use it and was teaching me the importance of clamping the tubes before disconnecting and of course, we didn’t clamp them good enough and water went EVERYWHERE. We were SOAKED. She just laughed and said, “well, now you know why and you won’t ever forget it!”
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: WonderNurse

Nominee: Laci S.

  • Nominated By: Rachel M.
  • Nominated Because: Laci always has a positive attitude, cares a lot about her patients and their families, and is always willing to extend a helping hand to other staff members (whether they be nurses, techs, housekeeping, dietary services, etc). Laci recently conquered breast cancer and worked as much as she could during her treatment and recovery. She always stands up for her patients and co-workers.
  • Funny Story: Laci was cleaning up a patient after a bowel movement, but he wasn’t finished. She recounted the story as saying, “I didn’t know what to do, so I just stood there and caught it. Then I hot-potatoed it right into the trash can.” She said it really casually like every day we catch poop and gracefully toss it in a trashcan. She had us all rolling at the nurse’s station.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Laci Britches

Nominee: Lindsey A.

  • Nominated By: Denise R.
  • Nominated Because: She takes as long as she needs to to help breastfeeding moms succeed.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: The Breast Queen

Nominee: Tiffany

  • Nominated By: Mike N.
  • Nominated Because: Tiff turned up to code blue right after handover tonight. The patient died, and she spent all of her available time counseling the other 3 patients in the room after the code. Tiff is the most compassionate, humanist, skilled generalist RN I know. She stands up as a patient advocate whenever the system is failing the patient. She plays team nursing, and has an amazing clinical skillset. She’s made of awesome.
  • Funny Story: She has nursed 3 ex-prime ministers of Australia, but she won’t tell me which ones!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Flash Handover

Nominee: Leonor Q.

  • Nominated By: Nesma
  • Nominated Because: My co-worker is balancing being a wife, a phenomenal mother and an amazing nurse. She works the night shift in an intermediate surgical Stepdown unit. She barely gets any sleep from being a mother (I applaud you all) from taking her kids to gymnastics during the day etc. she never seizes to come to work with a beautiful smile, become the charge nurse most of the time and continue to help all the other nurses in any way she can. She is truly a blessing in disguise. She has touched many patients lives but she has definitely touched mine as well and inspires me every day. I hope this brings a smile to her face knowing her hard work is truly acknowledged! Love you Leo!
  • Funny Story: When she’s zonked for a second I’ll Snapchat her with an animal face, and she’ll wake up to my laugh.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Wonder Woman!

Nominee: June C.

  • Nominated By: MaryLou I.
  • Nominated Because: Always positive, give support to lift u up, a good resource person. The smartest LPN I know. Always chips in to give a helping hand.
  • Funny Story: She always makes me laugh. No matter how crazy the situation is she turn it into something positive or funny.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: GI June

Nominee: Jeanette C., RN

  • Nominated By: Christine R., RN
  • Nominated Because: She precepted me when I started. She has always been there when I needed help. A team player, and an amazing nurse. Even when things get a little crazy she keeps a cool head and still finds time/patience to help out. Even when I am working a different unit, she is there to answer questions and explain things for me when I have questions.
  • Funny Story: She would probably kill me, but we were having a conversation about body parts and the funny names people come up with to describe them. Enter the new, Lead Clinician into the locked nurses station, and Jeanette turns around, not thinking, and blurts out “what do you call your vagina!?” The room got awkwardly silent. Jeanette immediately turned red and apologized profusely. The new clinican looked at her, turned red, and asked her a completely appropriate, business question, then left. Jeanette apologized for days, because she was afraid she had insulted or offended the clinician.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: WonderNurse

Nominee: Kathy H.

  • Nominated By: Corie S.
  • Nominated Because: Kathy has been a nurse for over 20 years. She has worked at the hospital, gone to home health & hospice and returned to the hospital. She makes every patient, their family, and coworker feel valued, respected, and safe. She is an advocate for patients and coworkers. She is hard working and selfless. She’s honest. At our hospital, charge nurses also take patients. She takes her share and sometimes more. She will always help you. She is full of wisdom. She will always listen to your concerns and help you advocate if you need it. She helps new nurses and other team members grow. She encourages hard work and integrity in the work place. She has helped make our department a better work environment in so many ways. I’ve been a nurse almost 5 years, and worked at the hospital for ten. I am so grateful to have her as a role model and friend.
  • Funny Story: She was trying to tell me a joke a patient told her. She doesn’t tell dirty jokes or swear. So this was extra funny. She said “Knock, knock.” I said “Who’s there?” And she said, “Penis.” And then turned bright purple, because that wasn’t the joke. We laughed for over 10 minutes. I almost peed my pants. It was so out of character for her, it was shocking, but hilarious.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Super HoneyJett

Nominee: Danielle W.

  • Nominated By: Natalie L.
  • Nominated Because: She gives 110% everyday. She cares about her coworkers and makes everyday great.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Nurse Energizer

Nominee: Rachel B.

  • Nominated By: Danielle A.
  • Nominated Because: Her kindness and her heart.
  • Funny Story: I’ve shared some silly moments with Rachel. At work I would call her and tell her she’s got a call and then not even 2 mins after hanging up with her I’d call her again and say you have another call. Then she’d say okay so how many more times you going to call me and so I pretend I’m gonna call her again and she’s like don’t you dare and stats laughing hysterically!! Moments like this are priceless!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Rockin’ Rach

Nominee: Lori P.

  • Nominated By: Misty P.
  • Nominated Because: Loving caring nurse. Always willing to help, always kind to coworkers. Smart and funny.
  • Funny Story: She had a bag of saline drop and burst open on her at work.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Loving Lori

Nominee: Odette J., RN

  • Nominated By: Rolando R., RN
  • Nominated Because: Grace under pressure.
  • Funny Story: She thought cocktail was a drink.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Wonder Oh

Nominee: Lisa R.P.

  • Nominated By: Kellie B.
  • Nominated Because: Lisa has had many ups & downs in her life. I do not know them all, but we are Heart Sisters, in that we are both <50 years old MI survivors, & in a few short months, she will carry with her a Lamp of Learning & while wearing her cap, formally become a Nurse Sister, as well. And that, is one heck of a hurdle, both physically & mentally.
  • What impresses me about Lisa is that she took her infarct as impetus to begin & get serious about obtaining her degree in Nursing. What continues to inspire me, while watching her grow, is that very determination— not even an unexpected cardiac cath has kept her down. Obstacles keep coming, & Lisa keeps her shoulder to the grindstone— homelessness, jobs & in between jobs, even now, she rides a train for a couple of hours to & from her clinical site.
  • Knowing the rigors of a nursing program & the gosh awful gift that keeps on giving that is heart disease, I am nominating Lisa Renee for this acknowledgement… because I cannot truly think of anyone more deserving of a hand up & a shout out for her tenacity & commitment to reaching her goals to become one of us!
  • Funny Story: As I said, I don’t know Lisa face-to-face, I know her heart-to-heart, & that makes a funny anecdote a little hard to come by; but a personal note about her— She has crazy mad cooking skills! Food Porn Pimp Parenti!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: La Vida Loca Lisa or Food Porn Pimp Parenti

Nominee: Disa M.

  • Nominated By: Ricky E.
  • Nominated Because: Her willingness to always help her fellow nurses no matter how busy she is, and while she may be cranky when she does it you can always count on her to help.
  • Funny Story: Not exactly a story but I can distinctly remember when I first started working watching her and a fellow nurse engage in a friendly catheter fight. It was while they were whipping each other with the catheters I knew this was going to be a fun place to work.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Rescue Woman (because she works with a pet rescue organization outside of work).

Nominee: Janice J.

  • Nominated By: Matt W.
  • Nominated Because: As a patient care coordinator and in charge of the facility they are instantly making do with what little they have to work with. On top of that their average patient that they have come to love is a patient and their memory care unit dealing with everything from dementia to Alzheimer’s. I can’t tell you how important a job they do everyday both making sure that the employees are up to Snuff when it comes to their training and also looking over their shoulder to make sure that all regulations are followed and then making time everyday to spend a little time with each patient. They go above and beyond in every single way and are in fact the iconic nurse. With caring and compassion and empathy abound they face everyday with courage that knows no bounds.
  • Funny Story: During one particular occasion, one of the patients which happens to be a little old lady had been given Haldol. But there was some entertainment there at the facility that day and to make sure that little old lady got to take part she wheeled her out in a wheelchair and when the entertainment began, the little old lady’s head would roll to the side. Without batting an eye my friend would simply take her hands and pull the lady’s head back up straight. Many many times. Lol
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: The Compassionate Ferrier

Nominee: Darcy D.

  • Nominated By: Catrina W.
  • Nominated Because: She is the most caring Nurse I know. She takes the weight of the world on her shoulders. She ALWAYS goes the extra mile for the patients and for her coworkers! She has the biggest heart! It is my pleasure to know and work with her!
  • Funny Story: Oh so many to choose from. There is no such thing as TMI with this woman! Let’s just say that if you walk up to her and she suddenly has a suspicious look on her face she probably just passed gas and you’re about to walk into her trap.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Super Woman

Nominee: Glauce M.

  • Nominated By: Carina T.
  • Nominated Because: The way she teaches or helps without passing any judgement. She is a smart, caring, and giving person.
  • Funny Story: She was telling me a personal story that was sad but had a happy ending and my eyes started to get watery. I cry easily. She finally noticed and we started laughing because it was late in the shift (NOC) and we were a bit delirious! Her story about her thinking her patient was chewing gum but it wasn’t gum.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Super Glauce or Super Sweet Glauce!

Nominee: Carle Tower 8, My former unit and all staff.

  • Nominated By: Casey S.
  • Nominated Because: This is a group that is the best at everything they do. And always amazing teamwork, positive attitudes, and caring for each of our patients with outstanding grace. The unit was just awarded top 10% in the nation for patient satisfaction, all while reaching the highest hospital senses and low staffing ratios. We were beyond tired, burning out and miserable during this time. But patient care didn’t suffer. I’m so proud to have been able to call them my work family.
  • Funny Story: As charge is passing out flu shots to staff, he kindly informs us that when he was new, he gave a sweet patient an IM using a blunt needle. The lady just smiled and thanked him. He felt bad. We were double checking needles before rolling up our sleeves.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: The Miracle Squad

Nominee: Chantelle T.

  • Nominated By: Nicole F.
  • Nominated Because: She is always the first person to offer help. She’s amazingly knowledgeable, she makes every shift go by faster!
  • Funny Story: She knows how to keep her cool when the new grad asks “how fast can you push Narcan” .
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: SuperWoman

Nominee: Brenda R.

  • Nominated By: Tina D.
  • Nominated Because: Brenda works as a RN at our local community hospital (critical access). She is a leader! On any given night, she might take care of patients on the floor and then go to the OB delivery room or to the ER for a CODE. She works full time on the night shift but also comes in on her days off and administers chemotherapy. I have never seen her lose her cool even when everyone around her is! Brenda, is also involved in our Cancer support group – Circle of Light. This group offers support, emotionally and financially. I am always impressed with how she gives herself and skills to everyone around her.
  • Funny Story: She likes to make unique presents for our doctors out of medical equipment. Last year it was a door hanging out of a bedpan and the year before it was a reindeer out of a speculum! These always make people smile and hope that they were new supplies!! I’m kidding they always are new.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Brenda the Badass!

Nominee: Eva B.

  • Nominated By: Ivy D.
  • Nominated Because: Eva is the Assistant Clinical Manager at my hospital in the MedSurg dept. Lately my floor has had some issues with extremely unruly patients that are making the workplace unsafe and Eva has gone to bat with our “higher ups” and is fighting for our safety. She’s extremely kind and caring and treats everyone with respect. It’s not every day you get a manager that risks her job to protect her workers. She’s the best!
  • Funny Story: After dealing with a rather unruly patient, Eva said she was going to “take the pimp hand off the charger”.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: The Blonde Brain

Nominee: Liz H.

  • Nominated By: Janelle L.
  • Nominated Because: I am continually inspired by her determination and dedication to being an emergency room nurse. She supported and believed in me as I transitioned to the emergency room, and I’m so grateful for it. I am a much happier and fulfilled nurse today because of her! This is just a small token of appreciation for all the caring she shows for others; patients and friends alike.
  • Funny Story: Liz has amazing hair, but she always has to flip it back to keep it out of her way. It has become an ongoing joke in the ER, and we will flip our hair with sass when making fun of her!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Nocturnal Nurse!

Nominee: Anne S.

  • Nominated By: Catie S.
  • Nominated Because: Her willigness to go above and beyond in helping me. For example she once stayed 2.5 hours after her shift happened to help me take care of a crashing patient. Another time I was put as charge nurse unexpectedly. It was my first time and I had never been trained. She called me and talked me through everything even though she was on vacation in Disney World.
  • Funny Story: I love to get coffee and call it a tan Anne after her. Because I want my coffee to look like her if she were to go on a nice Jamaican vacation and got super tan!
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Annechez the Mighty

Nominee: Valerie H.

  • Nominated By: Kari W.
  • Nominated Because: She is an amazing nurse. She puts up with a very snarky CNA (that’s me). She is kind, caring, and laughs at my jokes. Night shift is a breeze when we work together.
  • Funny Story: I had the good side of a patient, she had the dirty side. Resident started to cough, while her face was down inspecting. I started laughing so hard, because I expected to see her come up covered. Instead I got a funny look and she said the next one would be mine.
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name: Val the Valiant

Nominee: Casandra B.

  • Nominated By: Sarah M.
  • Nominated Because: Casandra is an ER nurse in a small Wyoming town. By small I mean, our ER has 5 beds and it’s 1 Doctor, 1 nurse and 1 tech. When I started here as an ed tech, she took me under her wing and really allowed me to succeed in a place where I doubted I would. Her lovely schnanagans make it worth coming to work even when we walk in to a “shit show”! She has a way of lightening the mood and making difficult situations more manageable! She always encourages me to put my “big girl panties” on and makes work fun.
  • Funny Story: Working in a small town ER at night, you develop a good report with the local police department, so when the ambulance paged out to one of the county roads that we did not know where it was, Casandra text one of the police officers. A few hours later, said officer was standing at our registration desk to “check on her”. Apparently, while things were a bit crazy, she did not consider how her text sounded. She sounded drunk lol! Said text “where’s the road?”
  • Nominee’s Superhero Name:  Wonder Nurse


That’s all folks! Thank you for taking the time to read through our magnificent SNAP Award Nominations!








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