Snarky Pen Set & Zippered Pouch!


Please choose with color bag and pen set you would like.  All pen set options available for viewing below and in the photos.  :)  If you're like me, you lose your pens, lip gloss, make up and whatever else in the bottom of your bag pretty much constantly... enter a cute zippered pouch and prob solved!

Original Set Designs (Set of 9 Pens):
-Pink: 3 Words Every Nurse Loves: Alert, Oriented & Independent
-Purple: gtt it like it's hot
-Navy: I don't know who you are or why you stole my pen, but I will find you.
-Red: Do no harm, take no sh*t.
-Cobalt: ... but did you die?
-Green: Keep Calm & Give More Propofol
-Orange: Urine Good Hands
-Teal: You have no idea what I touched before this pen.
-Slate: Will continue to monitor

Extra Snarky Set Designs (Set of 6 Pens):
-Teal: Give 'em the D.... Dilawda.
-Green: Different sh*t, same place.
-Cobalt: ... but did you die?
-Red: Keep 'em alive until 7:05.
-Pink: Should've been a stripper.
-Purple: Some asshole has my pen.

Nursing School Set Designs (Set of 6 Pens):
-Orange: All aboard the struggle bus.
-Green: Fake it till you make it.
-Cobalt: I'm not crying, you're crying.
-Red: #sendhelp
-Pink: Should've been a stripper.
-Purple: Nursing school... like riding a bike through hell.

-Medium point 
-All pens have black ink
-Ship via USPS in 1-3 days

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