*Slightly Imperfect* - Gtt It Like It's Hot Keychain - Multiple Colors!

$4.50 $8.50

These are slightly imperfect, so much so, you might not even notice.  :)

-Hard enamel, 1.5"
-3" including key ring
-Three color options: Teal, Light Pink, Silver

Care for my badge reel?

Badge reels are not liquid proof, please do not wipe them down with any bleach wipe or saniwipe.  Gentle alcohol swab on the top (but not on the sides - again, not liquid proof) works.  :)  Also, please do not store your badge reel in your car.  All adhesives have an optimal temperature and often cars are way too hot!  I use non-toxic adhesive (many companies use toxic) so they might be a bit more sensitive!

Care for my apparel?


If you have any questions, email helpstat@snarkynurses.com :)

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