Hi! I'm Snarky - the moniker my followers have given me over the years. Snarkynurses was born on a night shift in 2014 - yep, you know, at 2am when everything is funny/a great idea.  ;)  The account started with memes but has become the community it is today because of people just like you.  Nursing and medical professionals who are looking for a place where they can laugh about things traditionally deemed inappropriate or dark, ask random questions they are too afraid to ask elsewhere, celebrate successes and acknowledge defeats that have touched their souls and ultimately, a landing place where they are understood and valued. I'm a nurse who has been in the field for about 14 years, from CNA to RN, med-surg to critical care, and my mission with snarkynurses is to pour as much love and energy into YOUR lives as I can muster through laughter, discussions and product creation. My shop was born in 2016 because someone asked for a snarkynurses cat badge reel and now I create hundreds of designs suggested by followers.  Within the shop you'll find badge reels, pen sets, apparel and more; I love bringing your product suggestions to life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for checking out the snarkynurses community or shop, it means so much to me (seriously, I'll never be able to convey the impact this community has had on my life).  Much love!